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Cover art for RIDE THE STAR WIND from Broken Eye Books ©2017.
Cover design and text by Jeremy Zerfoss. 

One of three interior illustrations. This one is for a story by Gord Sellar, "Vol de Nuit".
 RIDE THE STAR WIND, Broken Eye Books ©2017.
Cover art and design for "The Doom The Came to Providence",
A round-robin book published for NecronomiCon 2015. 

The Wisdom of Devouring Infants, 11x14" acrylic on cradle-board. ©2017
For the Bad Anatomy group show at Saloon Gallery. May 5th, 2017

Warning to the Despised, 5 x7" acrylic on cradle-board. ©2017 
For the Bad Anatomy group show at Saloon Gallery. May 5th, 2017

Crone Hands 8 x 10" Acrylic on Cradle-board. ©2017
For the Bad Anatomy group show at Saloon Gallery. May 5th, 2017
Also used as a book cover for Walk on the Weird Side
edited by Joe Pulver, published by Lovecraft Arts & Sciences.

Drooligans (L-R) Black Label Drooligan, Lux Drooligan, Drooligan. 
Ink on bristol. ©2017
For the Bad Anatomy group show at Saloon Gallery. May 5th, 2017

Cosmic Paradigm Traveller, acrylic & ink on skatedeck. ©2017
Photo by Tiny Box Media
For the Wanna See My Deck group show at TrueLove Gallery, Capitol Hill. 

THEY LIVE 11x17 art print based on the 1988 John Carpenter film. ©2017

Matango (aka Attack of the Mushroom People) black-light 8 color screen print.
16 x 20" Ltd Ed. 70 pcs. / Alternate colorway for full color t-shirt ©2017
The Cats of Ulthar three color screen print. Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft.
14 x 20" Ltd Ed. 120 pcs. ©2017

 The Dunwich Horror three color screen print. Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft.
 14 x 20" Ltd Ed. 120 pcs. / Alternate colorway of Silver and Rust, Ltd Ed. 20 pcs.  ©2015

Ltd. Ed. screen printed poster for a screening of Motel Hell at Ark Lodge Theater in Columbia City.
T-shirt design for Sinister Creature Con 2018 in Sacramento, CA.
Cover art and design / interior illustrations for 'Outer Monstrosities" an illustrated journal
inspired by the works of William Hope Hodgson. Published by Seventh Church Ministries.  

Concert poster art and design ©2013

Cover wrap-around art and design for the ltd. ed. round robin chapbook for NecronomiCon 2013.
Printed in red-foil embossing on a black cover. 

Cover art and design for Jordan Krall's NUDE WITCH, NUDE! novel. 

Cover art for John Wayne Comunale's book "Death Pacts and Left Hand Paths"
from Grindhouse Press, edited by CV Hunt.

Cover art for Stag in Flight by S.P. Miskowski, Dim Shores Press. Cover design/layout by Matthew Revert ©2016

Cover art for Amazing Punk Stories by David Agranoff, Eraserhead Press. Cover design/layout by Matthew Revert ©2015

Cover art for CREEPING WAVES by Matthew Bartlett, Muzzland Press, ©2016. 

Cover art & design for The Myth of Falling by Charlee Jacob, Sinister Grin Press ©2013

Cover art & design for Sixty-Fix Stirrup Iron Road, Sinister Grin Press ©2013

Poster art for H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con, ©2013

Art & design for "Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket" feature film poster, ©2013.

22x14" offset print available for $20, ©2012.

Year of the Horse, ©2014
Art & design for Hellfighter by David T. Wilbanks from Acid Grave Press, ©2012.

Anubis Loki 8x10 print, ©2011.

"When She Shines" charcoal on grey bristol paper.
Illustration for a poem by Joe Pulver and Nova McIntosh, ©2011.

"The Dance" illustration for a Robin Spriggs story in the Lovecraft eZine, ©2013.

"The Pyramid Spider" illustration for a short story by Simon Kurt Unsworth for the Lovecraft eZine, ©2013.

Self promotional artwork ©2010

Films we'd love to see but never were, that was the theme to 2011's Strange Aeons Magazine 8x10 mini-poster inserts. 
Above is a what-if Hammer Films did an adaption of H.P. Lovecrafts "The Rats In The Walls" included in Issue #6. . 
Large poster prints are now available for purchase through Strange Aeons Magazine online store.

Book cover painting for Crypticon Seattle's De-Compositions 2011 anthology from the horror writers contest available through Blysster Press.

Interior illustration for David Conyor's novella The Eye of Infinity for Perilous Press.
Available for purchase at Perilous Press.

Post-Coital Zombie Embrace - One of two images illustrated for a story by S. G. Browne (author of 'Breathers' and 'Fated') called 'Zombie Gigolo' published in Strange Aeons Magazine #7.
Available as a limited edition 8x8" giclée print, email me for pricing.

Rotten Little Animals t-shirt design for author Kevin Shamel available through Skurvy Ink. Text treatment by Sam McCanna of Skurvy Ink.

'Occupy Everywhere' illustration t-shirt image for a concept designed by author Timothy W. Long available through Skurvy Ink. ©2011

T-shirt design for Crypticon Kansas City ©2011.

Mayonnaise Jenkins CD Cover  ©2012

VIP T-shirt Illustration for Crypticon Seattle ©2010 horror convention.

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