When he’s not busy whispering to insects, trying his hand at taxidermy or watching weird Japanese monster movies Nick Gucker can be found hunched over his art table dreaming up disturbing nightmares and freakish delights.
His art has appeared in the pages of Strange Aeons Magazine and TheMagazine of Bizarro Fiction.  His illustrations have decorated the pages of ALL-MONSTER ACTION! by Cody Goodfellow, the novelette ‘The Eye of Infinity’ by David Conyers for Perilous Press, The Aklonoimicon anthology from Aklo Press, a re-issue of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Under the Pyramids” as well as book covers for Blysster Press authors Clyde Wolfe, R.L. Reeves, M.R. Mitchell and the 2011 and 2012 “De-Compostions” horror anthologies.  His artistic contributions can be found in online publications including Lovecraftzine.com and Thisishorror.co.uk. Nick has also been the staff artist and board member of Crypticon Seattle horror convention since 2009. His unique, one-of-a-kind custom commission pieces have graced the walls and limbs of various and sundry patrons of the arts.

"Nick Gucker is the 21st century's answer to Lee Brown Coye." - Cody Goodfellow, author

"It's as if you are a mystic giant mosquito from the swamps of my home state who can draw out the very hearts-blood of my stories and distill it on the page with your finely pointed little art beak." 
- Scott Nicolay, author