Nick "The Hat" Gucker occupies his nights perched at his art table conjuring up nightmare visions and freakish delights out of ink, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic media. His art has appeared on the covers and the innards of numerous Lovecraftian, horror and weird fiction publications both print and online. His illustrations embellish publications from Word Horde, Spectral, Deadite, Swallowdown, Eraserhead, Perilous, Splatterpunk, Blysster, Uncle Mike’s Woldwide, Ulthar, Eryx, Martian Migraine, Dunhams Manor, Dynatox, Lovecraft eZine, and Sinister Grin Press.
In 2012, Nick won the Pickman’s Apprentice Iron Artist challenge at the Portland HP Lovecraft Film Festival and had the honor of creating artwork used for the 2013 HP Lovecraft Film Festival posters and merchandise. Nick has exhibited his works in a variety of group gallery shows, from Alaska to Rhode Island to the Pacific Northwest. In 2014, Nick had his first solo show at Spectrum House in Georgtown, WA called “A Compendium of Curious Creeps”, which ran for two months.
Nick’s artwork also appeared in two music videos produced by Phil Mucci and Diabolik Films. In addition, Nick’s unique; one-of-akind custom commission pieces grace the walls, clothing and limbs of various and sundry patrons of the arts from near and far.

"Nick Gucker is the 21st century's answer to Lee Brown Coye." - Cody Goodfellow, author

"It's as if you are a mystic giant mosquito from the swamps of my home state who can draw out the very hearts-blood of my stories and distill it on the page with your finely pointed little art beak." 
- Scott Nicolay, author

"It's like Nick Gucker interpreting a folk horror Mario Bava movie as production designed by the Chiodo Brothers."
Orrin Grey commenting on the cover art for CREEPING WAVES by Matthew Bartlett.

"EPIC! The end bit with the GIANTFUCKINGJACKKIRBYHAND is worth the price of admission alone! So much love here."
David Wyndorf (Monster Magnet) responding to my animation in the Phil Mucci produced video for Monster Magent's song The Duke.