Friday, January 26, 2018

Android Dreams of Sadness

Android Dreams of Sadness ©2017 Nick Gucker
This 9x12" watercolor and ink piece was done as a one sentence story prompt during BizarroCon 2017 in Troutdale, OR. Done as live art with about a dozen other awesome artists, everyone got a different story prompt and were given about 2 hours to complete. My prompt was "An Android Dreams of Sadness". It's head inspired by those of Easter Island.


  1. The intention of the annual Sad Bastard playlist is not to bum you out. It's to find the glimmer of hope, the crack of light that awaits. I listened to this last night while my 17-year-old dog was sleeping, and it was then that I realized: this is all I really want out of life.
    sad status

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