Saturday, November 4, 2017

Eyedolon Issue #1 from Broken Eye Books

Final cover art with text.

Scanned cover art before design, still taped to chipboard.

Cover art and logo design I did for Issue #1 of Eyedolon online weird fiction magazine, from Broken Eye Books. The cover image is based on part one of Matthew M. Bartlett's serial The Obsecration.
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Info about Eyedolon Magazine from the Broken Eye Books site.
The first issue of Eyedolon magazine is here! It's 84 pages with four stories:
Maura McHugh’s “Y,” a very personal apocalypse
S.P. Miskowski’s “Patio Wing Monsters,” a quizzical tale of convalescence
Matthew M. Bartlett’s “Who Beareth the Body,” mindbending small-town horror (part 1 of the serial The Obsecration)
Joseph S. Pulver's “The Package from Desertshore,” a surreal and poetic novelette (part 1 of The Night Museum)
Illustrations by Annada Menon and Thom Davidsohn. And Nick Gucker's wonderful cover.

Plus patrons can order Joseph Pulver's chapbook of “The Package from Desertshore” at a 50% discount.

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