Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Cats of Ulthar print

I have a brand new print available at my Nick the Hat Etsy shop.
The Cats of Ulthar, based on the short tale by H.P. Lovecraft. This print premiered at NecronomiCon, 2017 in Providence, RI and is the second print in my Lovecraft series. The first being The Dunwich Horror.
Three color screenprint, black, Gray and Red on thick white textured paper.
20x14", Limited Edition of 120 pieces.
Signed and numbered by Nick the Hat.

NOTE: 10% of proceeds will be donated to PAWS Animal Shelter.
PAWS is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Scroll down to see the pencil sketch and inks. Special bonus, a picture of the original concept art drawn by my wife, Denise Brown. This print would not exist if it wasn't for her suggestion and sketch. I am ever grateful!!
The Cats of Ulthar print. Nick Gucker ©2017

Pencils for The Cats of Ulthar print. Nick Gucker ©2017

Inks for The Cats of Ulthar print. Nick Gucker ©2017

Original concept art by Denise Brown for The Cats of Ulthar print. Nick Gucker ©2017

"It is said that in Ulthar, which lies beyond the river Skai, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire."
H.P. Lovecraft ~ The Cats of Ulthar (1920)


  1. Please post the details of the ordering process for these shirts. Also, do you only print these designs on shirts or can these printed on other pieces as well?

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