Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sputnik Supplies 'Ro-Boy'

Ro-Boy commission, Nick Gucker ©2016
Ro-Boy toy, Paul Schiola / Sputnik Supplies  2014
I had the awesome opportunity to do an ink illustration of Paul Schiola's Ro-Boy toy for a sticker. He gave me the toy as payment, and I always welcome the "will work for toys" ethic when I can.
I met Paul, of Sputink Supplies, a few years back while vending at Monsterpalooza, and we found much in common with things we love and enjoy, aesthetics and work ethics. Paul has a passion for 50-70's Sci-fi and B monster movies and re-creates special key monsters in the form of sculpture then reproducing them in vinyl. Paul is the definition of moxie and his spirit for the love of what he does is truly infectious and inspiring.
It was a pleasure to work with Paul and would love to do so in the future. Perhaps in an even more collaborative fashion.

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