Friday, May 13, 2016

DARKWAVE: The Art of Dewey Guyen

Samples from two pieces submitted for the Dewey Guyen DARKWAVE show at Push/Pull Gallery. 
I'm very excited to be part of the DARKWAVE: The Art of Dewey Guyen show happening Sat. May 14th at Push/Pull Gallery in Ballard.

This show is featuring incredible underground weirdness by young Canadian artist Dewey Guyen and guest art honoring the works of Dewey Guyen by local talent like myself, Marc J Palm, Seth Goodkind, Marie Hauser, and Jason Middleton.

This should prove to be a provocative and heady visual experience.

Push/Pull's offical statement for the show is as follows:

May 14th, during the Ballard Art Walk, we open DARKWAVE, Dewey Guyen's much anticipated premiere in a US gallery.

Dewey Guyen is a young Canadian illustrator/painter/cartoonist born on April 17th, 1992 in a refugee camp at Galang, Indonesia from Vietnamese/American and Cambodian/Chinese parents. Growing up and living between Sherbrooke & Montreal in the province of Quebec, greatly inspired by underground cartoonists, german expressionism & medieval engravings. He started publishing his first comics/illustrations inside fanzines locally & in France at the age of 12 and never stop since, cumulating publications worldwide with art publishers such as Le Dernier Cri, SSE Project, Kuš!, United Dead Artists & Timeless Editions. His signature style varies depending on the media used, but it is mostly rooted in careful attention to technical details & dark/surrealist/nightmarish subjects.

Local artists were given the following description as inspiration from Dewey:
early 80's punk/new wave/goth teenagers aesthetics for the characters, abandoned cemeteries/punk squats, invisible evil spirits/crawling demons/strange and hungry animals, surrealistic horror/scary dream visions, scenes of forest/lakes at dawn with high wind/rain, animal skulls, infestations of rats/bats/owls/frogs/crows/snakes/insects, apocalyptic hellmouth visions, mysterious creeping aliens

Art Opening May 14th 6-10pm, art is on dispaly through June 8th.

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