Tuesday, May 31, 2016


"Creeping Waves" cover art by Nick Gucker ©2016
New cover art I did for Matthew M. Bartlett's newest collection "CREEPING WAVES, Broadcasts and Blasphemies" from Muzzland Press. Edited by Jonathan Raab with an introduction by Nathan Ballingrud.
This is a whole new collection of disturbingly weird and curiously unsettling works, including the novella 'RANGLE' that was published as a limited edition chapbook from Dim Shores press to great acclaim (which sold out quickly).

Creeping Waves interior illustration by Nick Gucker ©2016
You can learn more about Matthew M. Bartlett and CREEPING WAVES from The Conqueror Weird and WXXT both run by Brian O'Connell.

 Here's what some folks who've read have to say:

“[Bartlett] gets under the skin and digs deep. There is a mad genius at work here…I very much look forward to more from Mr. Bartlett. Highly recommended, there is something special at work here.” 
~ JUSTIN STEELE, the Arkham Digest

“…as the year winds down and I look back over what I’ve read during the last twelve months, Matthew Bartlett’s fiction stands out as among my two or three real discoveries in that time.” 
~ JOHN LANGAN, author

"This book is smart, weird, horror, with a touch of absurd humor, black as the pit, and full of teeth."
~ Yves Tourigny

"Such a hefty collection of stories and vignettes and truly odd odds-and-ends could easily become a drag in less skilled hands, but Bartlett delivers with confidence and a unique voice that weaves it all together naturally. Despite the unnaturalness of it all."
~ Hitch Enslor

"CREEPING WAVES takes that cubist, self-referential, interconnected CREEPTASTIC energy of the first book and seemingly mainlines it back into itself. And thus if GATEWAYS is a poem, then CREEPING WAVES is a Bosch painting."
~ Brian Lillie

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