Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nightgaunt #2

"Boogeyman" Nick Gucker ©2015
My illustration to THE BOOGYMAN’LL GETCHA! short story by Ran Cartwright in the French produced weird fiction zine NIGHTGAUNT #2 put out by Adam Joffrain

"Boogeyman" Nick Gucker ©2015

Cover art by Kim Holm ©2015
Find Nightgaunt zine here.


'Lambsprink Festerbloke' Nick Gucker ©2015

'Theodorus Festerbloke' Nick Gucker ©2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Living Dead Con 2015

"Saint Voorhees" 11x17 art by Nick Gucker ©2015
This weekend is the first Living Dead Con in Portland, OR. I'll be attending and vending at table #24. I did an exclusive Friday the 13th poster for the show titled "Saint Voorhees" 11x17. Available for Friday the 13th VIPs, Premium Passholders who choose this poster, those who did add-ons, and a limited amount will also be available at the Living Dead Con Merch/Information Booth.

Zombi 2 11x14 art by Nick Gucker ©2015
I will also have a new print of Fulci's ZOMBI 2 (aka ZOMBIE & Zombie Flesh Eaters) available. 11x14 $20.

Also I'm doing another print run of "The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm" print, with more fluorescent-neon punch than the previous print. You'll need a pair of shades to view this without burning out yer retinas.

"The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm" ©2012
 Looking forward to seeing rabid horror fans, old friends and new! Yarrrrrrgh! 

Keep an eye on my etsy store for new prints after this weekend HERE.