Monday, January 12, 2015

ORCA ~ Terror Just Beneath The Surface

ORCA, Nick Gucker ©2014

Here's a commission piece I did in the fall of 2014. The fella who'd contacted me wanted to commission a piece similar to the horror posters I'd done (Demons, The Beyond, Blacula, Evil Dead, etc.), this was to be a gift to his wife on her birthday. He could only afford to go black and white.
Having grown up in Alaska, Orca was the Jaws of our generation, riding the coattails of the famed shark film. Sharks like Great Whites were few if ever in the waters of SE AK, but Killer Whales were and still are abundant. This was a memorable movie for me in many ways (leg ripping death scene with Bo Derrik, Fetal Orca, early Charlotte Rampling crush) and was excited to work on this project.
There are no tentacle in the film but the customer wanted them, and I happily obliged. Back in the day of good film posters, there were often elements that never showed up in the films, and this would be no different.

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