Thursday, January 15, 2015

Earthworm Gods T-Shirt

Brian Keene's Earthworm Gods, art by Nick Gucker ©2014
I had the honor of being asked, while having breakfast at BizarroCon 2013, by horror writer Brian Keene and screen printer Sam McCanna to do up a t-shirt design for Keene's novel Earthworm Gods.
I had read the 2006 Leisure paperback, then titled The Conqueror Worms (now available from Deadite Press, the very best in cult horror), when it came out and became an instant fan. Often wanting to read horror outside of the common tropes (vampire, zombie, zombie, etc.) this wormy romp was a welcome change and full of surprises around every corner. So to be asked years later to design something for this book was quite a thrill.

I submitted half a dozen sketch ideas, and three were selected. I ended up going with the armed lone man in the house surrounded by a squirm of worms. I felt it would have a good central focus with a forced perspective and lots of goddamn worms! And rain. Rain is a hugely important element in the book(s), like another character. 

Then I work up a larger final pencil drawing.

Once the drawing is approved then I proceed with inking, which is my favorite part. 


I send the final art to Sam at Skurvy Ink and he gives it the go, posts it to his web shop and starts taking orders. 

For your very own squirmtastic wormpocalyps t-shirt, head on over to and git some! 
If you're interested in more shirts Iv'e designed while at Skurvy Ink, type my name into the search bar and all the designs I've done will list. 


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