Monday, December 28, 2015

The Doom That Came To Providence

The Doom That Came To Providence, edited by Joe Pulver, cover art by Nick Gucker ©2015

Cover art I did for a limited edition round-robin chapbook edited by Joe Pulver called THE DOOM THAT CAME TO PROVIDENCE sold at NecronomiCon 2015. Chapbook and posters of the cover art currently available at Lovecraft Arts & Sciences online and brick & mortar store.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jade Rabbit and Frog

"Jade Rabbit and Frog" print now available at my Etsy store
11x14 fine art giclee print on velin with a ½" white border.
Signed by the artist.
"The rabbit in the Moon pounds the medicine in vain."

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nightgaunt #2

"Boogeyman" Nick Gucker ©2015
My illustration to THE BOOGYMAN’LL GETCHA! short story by Ran Cartwright in the French produced weird fiction zine NIGHTGAUNT #2 put out by Adam Joffrain

"Boogeyman" Nick Gucker ©2015

Cover art by Kim Holm ©2015
Find Nightgaunt zine here.


'Lambsprink Festerbloke' Nick Gucker ©2015

'Theodorus Festerbloke' Nick Gucker ©2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Living Dead Con 2015

"Saint Voorhees" 11x17 art by Nick Gucker ©2015
This weekend is the first Living Dead Con in Portland, OR. I'll be attending and vending at table #24. I did an exclusive Friday the 13th poster for the show titled "Saint Voorhees" 11x17. Available for Friday the 13th VIPs, Premium Passholders who choose this poster, those who did add-ons, and a limited amount will also be available at the Living Dead Con Merch/Information Booth.

Zombi 2 11x14 art by Nick Gucker ©2015
I will also have a new print of Fulci's ZOMBI 2 (aka ZOMBIE & Zombie Flesh Eaters) available. 11x14 $20.

Also I'm doing another print run of "The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm" print, with more fluorescent-neon punch than the previous print. You'll need a pair of shades to view this without burning out yer retinas.

"The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm" ©2012
 Looking forward to seeing rabid horror fans, old friends and new! Yarrrrrrgh! 

Keep an eye on my etsy store for new prints after this weekend HERE.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mourning Market October 2015

Halloween stickers by Nick Gucker ©2015
Working on a new sticker pack for this upcoming Mourning Market on Sunday, October 25th, at El Corazone in Seattle, WA. $1 entry fee! Come on down, say hello and shop around! I'll be at table #24. 

Packed full of dark-art vendors ready to infect you with their ennui inducing art and decadent moody wares! Come join in the revelry and shop euphoric for this Halloween season! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Halloween is right around the corner, so I thought I'd post these Charlie Brown inspired pieces I'd done for a Halloween themed show last Oct. at Cloud Gallery. 

I always figured when the Great Pumpkin arrived, it would not be the Christmas Linus had hoped for, but a horrible horror show of weird proportions.

Originals of these are still available, acrylic and ink on chipboard.

These are avail as signed 11x17 digital prints, gloss finish on hefty card stock,
at my Nick the Hat etsy page.

Perhaps it's time for some new Halloween decorations this year, no?

Nick Gucker ©2014

Nick Gucker ©2014

Nick Gucker ©2014

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Preparing for NecronomiCon PVD 2015

I'll be a guest and vending at NecronomiCon Providence 2015 in The Lovecraft Grand Emporium.
From Thurs: noon ~ 4:30pm, Fie & Sat. ~ 10am - 6pm and Sun" 11am ~ 5pm at the Rhode Island Convention Center - Hall D.

New art prints to premier at NecronomiCon Providence 2015.

First up: Abyssian Gazer.
There are a couple variant options, but there is a run of 5 white, 5 silver (exclusive to Julian's for purchase) and about two dozen 1 of 1 color variants available.

Abyssian gazer hanging at Julien's in Providence, RI Ars Necronomica print show. 

There will be t-shirts of this design also available (in limited qty) at my table, in M, L, XL & XXL.
100% cotton Port & Company.

Silver on black
Brand new silkscreened art prints of THE DUNWICH HORROR.
Two varient color schemes available.
20x14, Signed and numbered.

Purple & Green/Blue version  

Silver & orange variant. 

Also, 'Nick the Hat's Denizens of Innsmouth' sticker 5 pack. 
Full color contour cut stickers!
I'm bringing 125 sticker packs in honor of Lovecraft's 125th birthday. 


And be sure to look for my Lovecraft illustration in the show program that accompanies a short essay regarding Lovecraft's love of science and astronomy and how that informed his writing, from Fred Lubnow, who writes amazing essays for Lovecraft Science, online. 

I'll have a few 8½x11 prints of this available at my table.

Much of this will be available on my Nick the Hat etsy storefront after the convention.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to connecting with all my friends in PVD and indulging in all things Lovecraftian, weird, horrorcentric, etc.

A big shout out to to my wife Denise, who is my never ending muse and inspiration, and a huge help putting together the sticker packs. 

And to Michael Bukowski for some second opinion on my Dunwich prints.

"IÄ! IÄ! Cthulhu fhtagn!" 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Amazing Punk Stories

Dressica Kill Maiden art by Nick Gucker for the cover of Amazing Punk Stories ©2015 

Dressica Kill Maiden art by Nick Gucker for the cover of Amazing Punk Stories ©2015 

New cover art done for David Agranoff's collection of weird punk tales called 'Amazing Punk Stories" from Eraserhead Press, with a forward by legendary genre author John Shirley. Cover design by Matthew Revert.
From the back of the book:
David Agranoff is a razor sharp writer, a storyteller with a hard rock pacing, a magician of ideas, an adventurer in subcultures, an expert in underground music scenes–all of which is apparent in Amazing Punk Stories. But he’s fundamentally something else. David Agranoff is an idealist in Hell.”
– JOHN SHIRLEY from his introduction

Gasp in horror at redneck cannibals who eat a steady diet of bands!

Tour the underground music scenes at the edge of the universe!

Behold the insanity of mosh pits at the end of the world!

From the frontiers of deep space to a punk rock village in the wasteland of a world nuked by Ronald Reagan. Amazing Punk Stories will take you to a punk scene in the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. A punk scene both familiar and utterly bizarro.

Riffing off themes from the genres of mystery, western, cosmic horror and science fiction; Amazing Punk Stories contains thirteen studded and spiked tributes to classic pulp fiction.
Along with this release, Agranoff asked editor Jeff Burk, John Shirley and myself to list our five favorite punk songs. This was way harder than it appeared. Wanting to define the 5 best punk song first, then realising that was the wrong approach, focused on 5 personal favorites, though still hard, was quite the feat to narrow down. Ten would have been hard enough, but five!! Check out the song lists over at Agranoff's blog HERE.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Outer Dark

Illustration design I did for fantastic writer Scott Nicolay's The Outer Dark podcast on Project iRadio.
The one request Scott had for this piece was an homage to Lee Brown Coye's "Sticks" which appear in a number of Coye's works of art. Coye is a personal favorite of mine, known for his weird scratch-board illustrations, featured in Weird Tales magazine.

The Outer Dark is a new podcast where host, Scott Nicolay presents weekly interviews with authors, artists, and other voices from the dark end of the spectrum, with an emphasis on what’s happening NEXT in the Weird Renaissance.

Nicolay's first show, Livia Llewellyn: We Become Our Own Horror,  aired 6/23, and he already has an exciting lineup booked all the way through the end of July including  Jayaprakash Satyamurthy (6/30), S.P. Miskowski (7/7), John Langan (7/14), Nicole Cushing (7/21), and Silvia Moreno-Garcia (7/28), with a special surprises planned for August as well.

As Nicolay notes: Big thanks to  Jess Roberts, Jim Adams, and the Project iRadio team, and to artist Nick Gucker, who created the stunning logo for The Outer Dark! T-shirts with that logo are available from here.

Spectral Press t-shirts!

Spectral Press is starting to issue t-shirts with previous published Spectral cover art. My cover art for John Llewellyn Probert's novella "The Hammer of Dr. Valentine" is one such piece that you can wear! Very thrilled to see this happen, thanks to editor and purveyor or Spectral Press, Simon Marshall-Jones!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Crypticon Seattle 2015 prints

Nick Gucker ©2015

Two new prints I created for Crypticon Seattle 2015, A Pacific NW horror convention which is held every Memorial Day weekend in Seattle at the SeaTac Hilton Convention Center.

One print is of the character/mascot I created the "Crypticon Creeper" driving like a bat outta hell in Stephen King's possessed Mopar Christine (one of the guests this year).

The other is of the Cryption Creeper, posing in a graveyard, basking in the midnight moonlight with his rotten friends.

These are available over the Crypticon weekend.

I'll have very limited quantities of these prints available at my table over the weekend.
Come by and say hello!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saturday Night Killing Machine

Cover art commission I did for Adil Omar x Talal Qureshi ep "Saturday Night Killing Machine". And by cover I mean for digital downloads, but with a possible CD release. The text treatment was done by a friend of Adil's, which came out great.
These two musicians hail from Pakistan and recently played SXSW 2015, Austin, TX in March to much praise.

I wish Adil x Talal the best on a fruitful future in music.

'Saturday Night Killing Machine' is a debut collaboration between rapper, singer-songwriter Adil Omar and music producer Talal Qureshi. The EP also features Quratulain Balouch, Hard Target, Riz MC and more.

Adil Omar x Talal Qureshi: Saturday Night Killing Machine

01. Nighat & Paras
02. Honey (ft. Quratulain Balouch, Hard Target)
03. Saturday Night (ft. Thekeenone, Dane Curley, Ras Fraser Jr.)
04. Zero Dark Dirty (ft. Riz MC, Bobby Friction)
05. Killing Machine

Listen to his music here:

and check out the latest video for the Saturday Night Killing Machine EP here:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Hammer of Dr. Valentine

“The Hammer of Dr. Valentine” ©2014 John Llewellyn Probert/Spectral Press.  Artwork ©2014 Nick Gucker. 
“The Hammer of Dr. Valentine” ©2014 John Llewellyn Probert/Spectral Press.  Artwork ©2014 Nick Gucker. Layout ©2014 Neil Williams.

“The Hammer of Dr. Valentine” ©2014 John Llewellyn Probert/Spectral Press.  Artwork ©2014 Nick Gucker. Layout ©2014 Neil Williams.

Last fall, I was contacted by Simon Marshall-Jones, owner and editor of Spectral Press, to do the cover for John Llewellyn Probert's fiendish tome "The Hammer of Dr. Valentine".
As a fan of Probert's horror fiction and film reviews I enthusiastically accepted the challenge. I'd purchased and read the first book in the series, "The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine" which utilized the films of Vincent Price as influence for Dr. Valentine's horrific murders. In "The Hammer of Dr. Valentine", the classic British horror films of Hammer Studios serve as the influence for Dr. Valentine's dastardly deeds. The books are novella length and a rather quick and engaging read, chock full of English locations and landmarks, vivid characters and scenes of wonderfully wicked and elaborate methods of dispatch. A Grand Guignol of ghastly horrors await the reader as Dr. Valentine exacts a terrible vengence upon his victims. The story is a riventing game of cat and mouse that is part horror, part police procedural and, depending on how demented you are, delightfully humorous.
But make no mistake, Dr. Valentine is all business. Horror business!  The brilliant writing, evocative descriptions and creative methods of demise ensured that there was no shortage of imagery from which to draw when crafting the cover art.

If you are curious to know more, the following is a brief synopsis of the book:

"Two years ago, a series of horrific murders shocked the city of Bristol. These were killings so elaborate in their planning, and so outrageous in their execution, that they made national headlines for weeks. 
Now the journalists who wrote the stories behind those headlines are beginning to die, in ways even more gruesome, even more flamboyant, and even more unbelievable than the murders they themselves wrote about at such length in the national dailies all those months ago.

Has Dr. Valentine returned?"

"The Hammer of Dr. Valentine" has been issued as a hardback release limited to 100 copies.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lustmord/Neurosis NecronomiCon Show Poster 2013

Lustmord/Neurosis NecronomiCon Show Poster ©2013 Nick Gucker
In 2013, I was asked to design a flier for the Neurosis / Lustmord show planned in conjunction with Necronomicon.  Joe Shea aka The joey Zoneeditor of the NecronomiCon Providence 2015 Program Bookhead and curator of Ars Necronomica art exhibit threw some ideas at me.  I riffed on them until we came up with something that pleased us both, a clutch of cultists hailing an old god from the abyss into the new world.
It was an honor to create the artwork and poster for apocalyptic soundscaper Lustmord and masters of doom, Neurosis, two musical groups for whom I've much love, appreciation and respect. The show was a rare treat for Americans, since Lustmord rarely performs on US soil.
It was like a baptism of sonic joy being in attendance and bearing witness to these two crushing bands doing what they do best in the company of fellow weirdlings and fanatics in the birthplace of the Lovecraftian mythos, Providence, RI.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shambler from the Stars

My interpretation of the Shambler from the Stars (aka Star Vampire), as written by Robert Bloch from a story of the same title.

It was red and dripping; an immensity of pulsing, moving jelly; a scarlet blob with myriad tentacular trunks that waved and waved. There were suckers on the tips of the appendages, and these were opening and closing with a ghoulish lust.... The thing was bloated and obscene; a headless, faceless, eyeless bulk with the ravenous maw and titanic talons of a star-born monster. The human blood on which it had fed revealed the hitherto invisible outlines of the feaster.
—Robert Bloch, "The Shambler from the Stars"

This illustration was done for Strange Aeons, a miniature skirmish games company focusing on eldrich horrors, from Vancouver, BC.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


A version of H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep for "Dreams In the Witch House" mini-book project by Gwen and Brian of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (PDX Chapter).
In doing research, I came across this image of Nyarlathotep Diabolis Rex, Magister Templi, Church of Satan in Portland. Figuring him to be a swell model for Nyarlathotep, also having had his name changed with said moniker added, thought whom better to base it on, chaos tentacles and all.
This mini-edition book of Dream in the Witch House will soon be released from Arkham Bazaar.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Earthworm Gods T-Shirt

Brian Keene's Earthworm Gods, art by Nick Gucker ©2014
I had the honor of being asked, while having breakfast at BizarroCon 2013, by horror writer Brian Keene and screen printer Sam McCanna to do up a t-shirt design for Keene's novel Earthworm Gods.
I had read the 2006 Leisure paperback, then titled The Conqueror Worms (now available from Deadite Press, the very best in cult horror), when it came out and became an instant fan. Often wanting to read horror outside of the common tropes (vampire, zombie, zombie, etc.) this wormy romp was a welcome change and full of surprises around every corner. So to be asked years later to design something for this book was quite a thrill.

I submitted half a dozen sketch ideas, and three were selected. I ended up going with the armed lone man in the house surrounded by a squirm of worms. I felt it would have a good central focus with a forced perspective and lots of goddamn worms! And rain. Rain is a hugely important element in the book(s), like another character. 

Then I work up a larger final pencil drawing.

Once the drawing is approved then I proceed with inking, which is my favorite part. 


I send the final art to Sam at Skurvy Ink and he gives it the go, posts it to his web shop and starts taking orders. 

For your very own squirmtastic wormpocalyps t-shirt, head on over to and git some! 
If you're interested in more shirts Iv'e designed while at Skurvy Ink, type my name into the search bar and all the designs I've done will list.