Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Doorway to the Sky"

A huge round of applause to Cody Goodfellow, not only one of my favorite writers today, but also now a second time Wonderland Award Winner from BizarroCon 2013 for his collection "ALL-MONSTER ACTION!" from J.R. Johnson's Swallowdown Press. Cody's first 2009 Wonderland Award went to his burly collection "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars".
These three illustrations, along with another not shown, were included alongside the stories in the collection as part of the 4 short horror 'Coming Attractions' before the 'Feature Presentation', "ALL-MONSTER ACTION!" insane surreal pulp kaiju mania in three parts,which were illustrated by the squamous monster maker, Mike Dubisch. Along with some incredible monstertastic wraparound cover-art.
Go get yourself a copy and dive into the insanity of Cody's wonderful tales, sure to sear images straight to your synapses to be recalled at the most inopportune moments. Laced with social commentary, this book reads like having flashbacks to Max Fleischer cartoons by way of Cronenberg, Barker and Burroughs with nods to Toho, P.K. Dick and Gibson.

"A tour-de-force! Goodfellow's latest is his best yet. Compulsive, breakneck reading!" -BRIAN KEENE, author of The Rising and Ghoul

"ALL-MONSTER ACTION! is a dirty bomb right to the cerebral cortex--it's sharp, smart, scary, scarring, sexy and brutally funny. And like any good bomb, it's got specific targets in mind: Genre and gender, racism, colonialism, ageism and classism. ALL-MONSTER ACTION! demonstrates again that Cody Goodfellow is some kind of mad-ass genius." --LISA MORTON, author of The Castle of Los Angeles and Monsters of L.A. and Four-Time Winner of the Bram Stoker Award

 "Like everyone else, I will also mention the excellent artwork by Nick "The Hat" Gucker and Mike Dubisch. They provide appropriately crazy visuals for these stories. Nick's illustration for "The Venus of Santa Cruz" still haunts me a couple of weeks after I saw it, eew."  -- Mr. Anthrope (Amazon review)

"The Care & Feeding of Sea Monkeys"
"Wage of Dinosaurs"

Ron Hatton in a Graveyard with an Arcade Game

Pin-up art for a comic project called Velvet Garden, by Writer Ryan Davis and artist Joe Oliver. Ron Hatton as the county sheriff. I believe the comic has something to do with a possibly real/possibly urban legend of a 80's arcade game called Polybius.
Not sure what issue it's in, they refuse to send out copies to contributors who did pin-ups. As a matter of fact they offered a copy at full price. Jerks. Lesson learned.