Sunday, September 29, 2013


I was asked by Krystian Kujda to create a poster for the VHS HELL special Halloween event screening held in Poland.

Here is what VHS HELL is all about: 
"VHS HELL are periodic B movie screenings. It is also our nostalgic tribute to the American double feature grindhouse cinema, as well as to the Polish reality of the political transformation period back in the 80s and 90s.

We want you to recollect the times, when after the fall of communism, video rental agencies ruled the districts of the grey blocks-of-flats architecture whose inhabitants blindly relished in the West.

During our shows you will see the forgotten movies, shot in an absurd manner, trashy and disgusting, yet, at the same time, perversely fascinating.

Rubber monsters, sex-haunted extraterrestrials and punks of the nuclear Holocaust era are always accompanied by the cracking sounds of a scratched video tape and a traditional voice-over translation done in a boring manner by a single male voice artist. Just like 20 years ago!"

You can check out their tumblr page here, and Facebook page here
When asked if there was a theme or idea in mind, I was told to whatever I wanted. So I did.

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