Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Official Poster for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con 2013

I had the distinct honor to be asked to create the poster for the 2013 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con. Big thanks to Gwen and Brian Callahan, who now have taken over the reigns from festival founder Andrew Migliore, have done a fantastic job keeping the squamous festival afloat and thriving in it's element.

I chose to go with a At the Mountains of Madness theme, since I'd always wanted to do something related and Gwen and Brian were very open and receptive to the idea. Oddly enough, later programing would come to reflect the ATMOM theme with an enthralling and captivating live performance piece of said story by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, a short film named Dunderland and a few others.

Brian then took the shoggoth from the image and utilized it for the graphic for the t-shirts, which I think came out quite wonderfully.

Poster and t-shirts are available through Arkham Baazar.

All artwork © Nick Gucker 2013

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