Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm

The Phantasmanaut Caught in the Tentacles of a Cosmic Paradigm

This is a piece I came up with for MIFFF (Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival), a genre film festival in Seattle, WA.
I really wanted to come up with something that not only captured the horror, sci-fi and fantasy aspects of the festival but also be eye-catching and feel more like an exciting rock-n-roll poster. I have also been very impressed with the style in which Fantasia Film Festival , Fantastic Fest, H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest and other genre film festivals have gone beyond the obvious in designing captivating festival posters.
I incorporated a number of elements that had been swimming around in my head, One-Eyed Alien pyramids, dead cosmonauts in space, third eye or inner eye.

I physically inked it and then digitally colored it in. In the past MIFFF posters and website, purple had factored into being a defining color scheme, and so upon the alien is where that color shows up. The original colored image is much brighter, but with some effects in Photoshop I was able to mute the colors to give is a slight aged feel. I'm definitely going to be revisiting these elements again with future projects, since they seem to resonate with not only me but other folks as well.
This image is available as an offset 22x14" print, for $20, email me at if interested.

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