Monday, March 4, 2013

A (~BIG~) Fishy Menu

Illustration for the wonderfully curious story A (~BIG~) Fishy Menu by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. for Jan. Issue #21 of the Lovecraft eZine. A very tongue-in-cheek tale of two big players from the twisted minds of  H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Chambers sizing up the impressive yet troublesome new talent on the mythos fiction scene and how to go about his eventual demise. Quite a bit of fun and tomfoolery from Joe Pulver amongst he and his brethren in words of the weird.
I went a bit against type, at first wanting to keep to Pulvers description, but once pencil hit paper an all together different pair of mighty manipulators in the mythos took shape. And I went with it.
I've had many ideas in my head of how I might interpret The King in Yellow and Nyarlathotep. And I've come to realize I may never do them the same twice. Each being, so open to interpretation that it's pure fun to take the log-flume of creativity down a different vein of exploration.
I look forward to when again I can visit with these characters, together or by them selves, plotting, harbinging, provoking chaos and madness.