Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls

An illustration I did for the story 'Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls' by the wonderfully engrossing author, William Meikle. This story appeared in issue #18 of the Lovecraft eZine. William also has an excellent collection of Carnacki tales called 'Carnacki: Heaven and Hell' from Dark Regions Press. Meikle really captures the tone and style of Hodgson's creation in the finest of fashions, puting our dear Carnacki in more perilous situations of daring and wondrous, with style and verve. 
For those not in the know, Thomas Carnacki is a supernatural sleuth created by fantastic fantasist, William Hope Hodgson. Most of his Carnacki tales deal with the supernatural though not all, yet those tales are just as interesting and well fashioned. Highly recommended reading for those interested in detective stories and Gothic supernatural flights of fancy.
For more regarding the life and writings of William Hope Hodgson I highly suggest checking out the very thoroughly researched, well written and informative blog run by Sam Gafford called William Hope Hodgson.


An illustration I did as a contribution (along with fellow Lovecraft eZine artists, Mike Dominic, and Steve Santiago) to a story that Logan Davis wrote. Logan is the 10 year old son of Mike Davis, purveyor of the Lovecraft eZine.

It is a fun and weird story and I am honored to have a piece of art to go along with his tale of dread.

Read the story here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I was commissioned by the enthusiastically vibrant Sam McCanna, (purveyor of Skurvy Ink screen printing business south of Portland, OR) to design an image for celebrated Bizarro author and artist Carlton Mellick III's book 'Zombies and Shit'.

The image Carlton wanted was of the aggressively punchy T-2000, a cybernetic version of Mr. T. I'd offered a number of sketch designs but Carlton wanted T-2000 to be based on a action figure someone had physically created after Mellick's maniac.
After giving the action figure a look-over, decided to go with a Jack Kirby style exaggerated pose, with ridiculously large fists.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evil Thread

Couple of commission pieces for the ever awesome Jason Emmett for his business Evil Thread Customs. Jason does fastidiously perfect custom stitching of patches, cloth, studing and other decorative touches for punk rock and metal style vests, coats, handbags, hats or what-have ya'.
Jason really wanted his logo to incorporate the Evil Dead font since his business name plays on that name. He had a couple of ideas and after he saw the various sketches wanted a stitched eyeball for his business cards and the stitched up Frankenstein's monster fella for promotional posters.

The punk rock Franken~monster is based on an image of Doyle from a live Misfits show, and I thought the position worked well to show off a vest covered in patches. 
Drawn and Inked by hand and colored in Photoshop.

Crypticon Seattle's De-Compositions 2012

I was commissioned by Blysster Press to do the second book cover for Crypticon Seattle's writing contest published anthology of winning authors, called 'Crypticon Seattle's De-Compositions 2012'.
In 2011 I did the cover as well, with no real guidelines, I came up with a dark and creepy cover.

This time around for 2012, I was giving the outline of the winning story and did a piece for the cover based on that. Pretty awesome for the winning writer to have their own cover art for a short story competition.

Doctor Nocturne

These illustration were done for Strange Aeons Magazine as a pair of trading cards in Issue #9. The concept was to do a 1940's version of Doctor Nocturne and the a modern version in a more Batman style superhero get-up.

Modern day Doctor Nocturne apparently does not use guns but more of a baton style weapon and other gadgets but I went ahead and gave him some extreme blood justice guns-a-blazin' action anyways.

These were also to be teasers for the upcoming Anno Ktulhu over-sized comic anthology (available for only $3.50!) that would introduce a new story into upcoming issues of Strange Aeons magazine.

This was drawn and inked in black by hand, scanned and then digitally colored in Photoshop. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hell Dorado Logo Design

I was asked by Editor & Writer Laurence Amiotte to come up with a logo for a alternate universe western style logo for his Hell Dorado comic. This was to be published in Strange Aeons Magazine, that would indulge Western, horror and occult aspects into the design.

Here is an example from part three of Hell Dorado in Issue #7 of Strange Aeons Magazine, of how the logo is being used.
Hell Dorado comic is illustrated by the much talented Rob Corless.

Mayonnaise Jenkins and the Former Kings of the Delta Blues

I had a fun opportunity to paint a CD cover for my friend, author, editor, teacher, muse, maniac and musician Garrett Cook and his music partner Wick Hill. It was a fairly liberating experience in that the subject of the matter was rather open.
Mayonnaise Jenkins and the Former Kings of the Delta Blues is a vastly varied collection of songs, from spoken word, to blues, pop, shoe-gaze and A cappella. So finding the right thing to capture what was representative creatively was a fun challenge.
So I presented a number of ideas and this was the one they went with.