Sunday, November 11, 2012

'In Memoriam: Robert Nelson', Issue #15 Lovecraft eZine

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a watercolor painting to a prose piece 'In Memoriam: Robert Nelson' by the illustrious Queen of Eldritch horror, Wilum H. Pugmire in  Lovecraft eZine Issue #15 .
Pugmire's piece brought to mind the many sorrowful mourning statues seen in cemeteries and thought I'd evoke that mood and style to the character in the story.
I highly recommend Wilum's vlog for updates on what he's been working on and reading. Not to mention how personable, fun and honest he can be while discussing his favorite subjects while his face is often transformed with his wonderful and theatrically strange and extravagant make-ups.
Wilum has been quite prolific over the last couple of years and has released a number of excellent collections and a novella based on the 'Fungi From Yuggoth' prose piece by The Old Gent called 'Some Unknown Gulf of Night' from Arcane Wisdom press which at times feels like a fever dream full of nightmare logic and harbors rotted atmospheric landscapes, dusty books of forbidden knowledge and strange moments of erotic expression. Quite a fantastic journey of literary indulgence and style. Other recent darkly delicious tomes include the collections 'Gathered Dust and Others' from Dark Regions Press and 'Uncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites' from Hippocampus Press