Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Mote in the Void, Lovecraft eZine Issue #17

Had fun doing a bit of literal cosmic horror in Simon Kewin's short story 'A Mote in the Void' for the cosmic horror issue #17 of the Lovecraft eZine.
A terse and gripping sci-fi story of a lone survivor, Kelly while on a space mission to answer a distress call from the exploration vessel 'Ares' after losing communication on it's way to Mars. Stranded and adrift, accompanied by a constant "Clanging" noise somewhere on the hull of the spaceship and the loss of a fellow crewman puts Kelly in a precarious position to take control and make some life changing decisions.

'A Mote in the Void' illus. by Nick Gucker ©2012

In The Tank, Lovecraft eZine #15

I had the good fortune of being able to illustrate for the new tale in issue #15 of the Lovecraft eZine, 'In The Tank' by Scott Nicolay. An uncomfortable, claustrophobic and sad story of divorcee Roger, who just can't quite connect to anyone, his ex, his son, no job, nothing. Life seems rather dismal, and try as he might to make a connection, and he does try, he continues to push them in the opposite direction. Until he visits a small out-of-the-way  place called 'House of Pets' and 'Tropical Fish'. Thinking he can buy his sons affection with a pet fish and fuel the fires of romance with his ex, Roger finds himself sliding down a different path where 'something' connects with him instead.

I've read a few other short stories from Scott Nicolay and they've all delivered. 'Alligators' in the first issue of the Laird Barron edited Phantasmagorium from Gorgon Press is excellent, as is "Ana Kai Tangata" from the Aklonomicon and his up-coming story for Strange Aeons Magazine #10 will be sure to surprise.  His rural sense of style sucks you into a false sense of security, slowly stacking the odds of fate to play out in horrific ways against the main characters in less than obvious ways.
Pay attention folks, Mr. Nicolay will sneak the ice-cream from your cone before you know it.

'In The Tank' illus. by Nick Gucker ©2012

VHS Art New Wave Show

Artist and auteur, Marc J. Palm invited me to be part of the VHS Art New Wave, an Exhibition of VHS Boxes created by current cartoonists and designers, in support of Scarecrow Video in Seattle. 
It began Oct. 20th and will run for a month. All the VHS boxes are up for auction to help benefit Scarecrow Video.
My entry is a Hammer film adaption of H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Rats in the Walls'.
I highly recommend stopping by and checking out the show, lots fun, crazy titles and art adorn over 30 pieces of this exhibit. 
Individual box art will be posted at facebook.com/vhsartnewwave and vhsnewwave.tumblr.com

Marc J. Palm at the exhibit.

Me proudly pointing at my VHS box.