Sunday, June 10, 2012

Creepycult presents "Under The Pyramids" handmade book

Greetings wondrous humanoids and acolytes of things most interesting and eldrich alike. I want to tell you about a special new book project I've recently been a part of and how you can get your tentacles on one.

First off, the book is a 60 pg hardbound edition with a red foil-stamped title, containing the story "Under the Pyramids" (alternately titled "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs") originally published in the world famous WEIRD TALES magazine circa 1924 and ghost written by the cosmic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft for the master escapist Harry Houdini!

What makes this book so special is that it comes in a custom miniature US Postal mail bag that is PADLOCKED CLOSED (the key is on the INSIDE). So, you have to mimic Houdini and pick the lock to get to the book. Once inside you will find a beautiful little book, measuring 4" x 5", containing 4 original illustrations by me. Each book is hand numbered and there is a RANDOM signed letterpress print in only 50 copies. I repeat RANDOM.

I sold out of all ten copies of this at this last Memorial Day weekend horror convention Crypticon Seattle.  Not only were folks blown away by handcrafted beauty of this little gem, but they enjoyed taking on the challenge of picking the lock in person to get at the book inside the postal mailbag. I also had the opportunity to sign and customize the ones I sold which was a real treat.  

This is a handmade volume by Lance Thingmaker, proprietor of Creepycult, whose specialty is making splendiferously unique and amazing books, prints, and spooky Halloween and horror ephemera."Under the Pyramids" is also double bound so you can open the book all the way without cracking the spine.
Yes, Lance thinks of everything.

There are also "Under the Pyramids" Houdini/Lovecraft t-shirts available with the illustration of Houdini blindfolded, bound and being lower into the pit under the pyramids I did for the book.

The last book that Lance made was a collection of the complete 18 issue run of the 1930's fanzine "The Fantasy Fan" collected for the first time ever as a hardcover book.  Presented in facsimile format with painstaking restoration of the barely legible original pages and hand printed and bound by Lance.  The book contains original first published stories and poems from the giants of weird fiction,  H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and more.  The Fantasy Fan was the world's first fanzine dedicated to weird stories and is a must read for fans of the genre.  Over 300 pages and limited to 100 copies.  You can get "The Fantasy Fan" book here.

Keep your eyeballs peeled for Lance's next Creepycult book release, the hardcover printing of the original 1930's fanzine MARVEL TALES!  Look for the listing here or pre-order on the web here.
"Under the Pyramids" book is selling for $20 and t-shirts are selling for $15 on ebay, Etsy or directly through Lance Thingmaker via email at


  1. I bought two of these; one to keep and one for a gift. It's a great little book and a clever idea. Your illustration could have come right out of Weird Tales. The 'Fantasy Fan' is a great book, too, and I'm awaiting a copy of 'Marvel Tales' right now.

  2. Thank you kindly good sir! It's really a goal of mine to help bring back that Weird Tales sense of wonder and dread. Yes, the 'Fantasy Fan' and 'Marvel Tales' looks just as amazing. Lance is in the process of putting those together now.
    Looking forward to our next endeavor together!

  3. I am definitely getting one of these t-shirts.
    I still have a few Lockjaw Cinegraphics t-shirts original Nick G. stuff...

    I need to get you involved in my current project somehow....