Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Locked Door

A new illustration appearing in the ever entertaining Lovecraft eZine for the unsettling story "The Locked Door" by editor, reviewer and author Brian M. Sammons, a bit of a dark litmus test for coming of the end.

Hop on over and read the tale that inspired this image and leave a comment. IA! IA!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I had the opportunity and honor of getting to do the art and design of the book cover for Hellfighter by author David T. Wilbanks, a dark heroic fantasy sword & sorcery novella available as an eBook sometime this spring from Acid Grave Press.

The story is a ton of fun and will surly resonate with fans of Conan and Thongor, our hero Caddoc is a brute with a bit of heart and a haughty lust, he finds himself smitten with a barmaid in a little village, who soon goes missing and Caddoc goes on a mad search and rescue for her. Taking on a few unexpected travel mates and crossing paths with weird creatures, hellish demons, sorrowful zombies, vampiric cults and more in this swashbuckling adventure story.  Hellfighter offers a mix of humor, plenty of violent battles and a couple twists to keep you engaged ,guessing, cringing and laughing all the way through. The pace is quick and surprisingly more entertaining than you'd expect from an offering of this genre, not to mention full of heart.  It left me wanting to read more of these wickedly ruckus romps in the dark savage world inhabited by Caddoc the Hellfighter.

This was done in watercolors and then I punched up the vibrancy of the colors via Photoshop.

Some of the sketches leading to the final design and the painting progress along the way.


Monday, February 6, 2012