Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lovecraft eZine #10, Illustration for Eliza by Joshua Reynolds

New illustration for the Lovecraft eZine January 2012 issue #10. This illustration is for the riveting futuristic epic tale of monsters, mythos and mayhem by author Joshua Rynolds called Eliza.

This was done in charcoals on natural recycled paper with a touch of digital color.

Here are some of the progress images along the way...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heir Apparent

Skull/crown image I drew for author and mad blogger T. E. Grau for his birthday.
T. E. Grau has a few short stories in various anthology books, like his eerily effective tale 'Transmission' in Dead But Dreaming 2 edited by Kevin Ross and 'Free Fireworks' in Horror for the Holidays edited by Scott David Aniolowski, both published by Miskatonic River Press. T. E. Grau will also see a couple of his tales published in the Aklonomicon through Aklo Press edited by Joe Pulver and Ivan McCann out of the U.K.
Mr. Grau blogs all things cosmically horrific and curious, with a strong leaning towards weird literature and mans struggle against the universe at the Cosmicomicon.
With tentacles raised in his general direction, let it be known that T. E. Grau is highly recommended reading, and more great things to come from this lad.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

'What fungi sprout in Yuggoth'

Illustration of a Mi-Go done on H. P. Lovecraft's Birthday (August 20, 1890) in 2011.
8 x 10" Limited Edition giclĂ©e  print run of 12 available for $20 each, shipping included.
Email me about purchase.