Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Lost Gods of Lemuria

As the staff artist for Strange Aeons Magazine (described as the illegitimate love-child of a hot tryst between Heavy Metal Magazine and Weird Tales Magazine!), I get asked to do illustrations for submitted works of fiction. In issue #5, the legendary editor, writer, theologian and philosopher Robert M. Price sent in "The Lost Gods of Lemuria", a tale of Thongor the Barbarian.
I was unfamiliar with who Thongor was initially, just thought it a tale by Mr. Price in the vein of Conan. Upon further research I came to find that Thongor is an older character created by Lin Carter, whom Mr. Price who was appointed Carter's literary executor. Needless to say, I was quite excited to not only be illustrating an image for a story by Rober M. Price but to know it's roots go even farther back to the fantastical mind of the fantasy pulp writer Lin Carter had me rather thrilled.
I could only do one image and I knew I wanted it to be an action shot, so I focused on a battle towards the end of the tale with a demon that a witch conjurs up to thwart the mighty Thongor.

Cover Art for Crypticon Seattle's De-Compositions 2011 horror anthology

This last April I was asked by Charity Becker of Blysster Press to do the cover art for Crypticon Seattle's Writing Contest horror anthology called De-Compositions.
I'd been doing some sketches of what I am calling "Hooded Creepers" and decide to incorporate them into the cover.

Preliminary sketch, foreground character was originally holding a doll, which I liked but wanted to go a wee bit creepier, so I had him holding a cloth with a persons face on it. The background character had a death thing going on with the scythe, thought it a bit too obvious and changed it in the final drawing.

 I first go over the line drawing with colored pencil and burnt Umber acrylics, then give it a burnt sienna acrylic wash.
 I re-darken the background area with more burnt umber and add more detail.

 I then go in and add high-lights.
 I then send the art off to the publisher who then does the final book design.
 Here it is at the Crypticon Seattle horror convention, during the author awards ceremony.