Thursday, April 28, 2011

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Here are a couple of illustrations (I often work in pairs) using HIV as a theme embellished with a more fantastical horror aesthetic.

The first image showing the encroaching horror of a virus about to destroy it's host.

The second image showing a lover embracing his partner while the alien horror watches over it's ill deeds.

At the time I was in the mood to do some drawings, I hadn't had anything in mind, so I often reflect on current issues to put myself in an editorial mindset and this was the result.

Kellyzilla Vs. MechaKellyzilla

This is an illustration I did for my pal Kelly Young. You might be familiar him as editor of Strange Aeons Magazine, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Art Director, Hero. Lover. Legend and scallywag.
It was his 40th Birthday and Jenna Pittman put together this great little zine for him with contributions by the likes of Lee Davis, Rick Tillman, J. Fulton, Ben Hansen & Ms. Pittman to name a few.
Kelly and I share a love for Kaiju and this was a custom piece I contributed.
The reference images were from Godzilla 2000 (one of my favorite G designs) and the Mechagodzilla from a toy.