Saturday, December 4, 2010

The November Out of Time

Here is my month of November calender creep improvement program. This last month I read Michael Shea's The Color Out of Time, a part two of sorts to H. P. Lovecraft's A Color Out of Space.
The scene is taken from a part in the book where one of the many malevolent mutations is revealed.  Attached to it, if memory serves correct, is an innocent bystander getting drained to a pulpy mess of its former self in order to provide strength and power to the mutation, allowing it to grow larger and have a greater horrific influence in the unsuspecting world.

If you've not read Michael Shea, I highly recommend him. He has a great style of prose that is elegantly poetic and a joy to read.  He's got a firm grip on telling a tale with a punch and pulling out surprises that make you delve deeper and more insanely into his realm of the fantastic. Shea knows how to keep mood prevalent and effective which I find to be the first and foremost mark of success with genre fiction.

He attended the H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest in Portland Oct. 2010 as a guest and I had the distinct pleasure of hearing him read some of his works and was able to get some books signed as well. Without a doubt, a very nice and talented fellow.

The Color Out of Space was published in 1984 and is still available online and in used book stores.
Shea is also the author of the four-volume Nifft The Lean series, the first of which won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. His short stories have been collected in Polyphemus and The Autopsy & Other Tales (available through Centipede press). He also won a World Fantasy Award in 2005 for his novella, "The Growlimb."

Perilous Press has recently released a collection of Lovecraft insipred works by Shea called Copping Squid, with an introduction by S.T. Joshi.

Shea also recently released a book called The Extra which is a reworking of a previous short story into a full length trilogy novel.

Seek ye out!


  1. Sick-
    Any chance you might publish a calendar for us/me someday- I think this would go over well at work- and I am ready for December's!

    Aaron L- Dexter Roadhouse

  2. Heck yeah, that'd be fun.
    I've been having a little trouble figuring out Dec. It's a red barn house with a dead tree filling the entire frame. everything is centered. really bad composition.
    Oh...wait, I just had an idea....

  3. Can't wait! So glad to see you have not lost any passion after 20 years!
    I sent you a rambling email to your gmail account- probably got pushed into your junk folder...

  4. No, I started to respond to it, it became lengthy and Havent gotten back to it, oopsy.