Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Save a Date

I generally try to find compelling art or horror related calendar’s to chart the passing of time and the turning of the earth as it relates to the sun. After this last New Year (2010) I spaced too long and settled on a supplier’s calendar that came across my desk. I believe the images, very calm nature scenes were taken by the employees who get 28 -31 days of fame for a lifetime of slavery at the place they call work. It's a nice gesture to the employees, but it's very boring and un-compelling. I couldn't take it any longer, as the days pass, I kept wanting to alter the calendar in some way and today, upon arrival to work, I scribbled out a Nessie style creature to occupy the lily padded pastoral lake scene. Ahhh, fixed. I fixed the calendar that didn't know it was broken and my days are becoming subtly more pleasing.

I look forward to next month and the month after that. I urge you to do the same.

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