Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monster Mash

I decided I'd try my hand at some classic monsters, see what I could do to honor them. So I went with a portrait style illustration of The Wolfman and The Creature. Later in working with Crypticon, the idea came up to do limited edition Jones Sodas with three different images and I combined the two monsters to create a hybrid image, and after doing so wondered why these two creatures have never had a VS. in between them. Perhaps later I'll re-visit that idea. Below are the seperate inked images and then the combined form for the Jones Soda label.

The other two labels were images done by my friend Montine Rummel, a fellow Crypticonite. Her Photography Kung-Fu is excellent and the Zombie Attack image is from a photoshoot she set up and then photoshopped into the cool scene below, then used on posters and a soda label. The Raven on Tombstone image is also a Montine original from some pics she took while on vacation to Vienna. You can see more of her photo's here:

Montine took this shot at Crypticon of one of the Make-up contest finalists having a gnawsome time.


  1. Crypticonite? Does that mean that she can weaken Superman?

  2. Love the Wolfman- one of the best I have seen. I do like the B&W better than the color though...
    I can sense his frustration of being misunderstood, yet hungry...