Monday, August 30, 2010


A regal re-envisioning of Poe's Raven as a gift for my brother Eric.
Pencils, then black charcoal line fill, then white charcoal high-lights.
The progress shots were taken with an iPhone, colors are inconsistent
but really I just wanted to show the stages progress, quality be damned!
The final was then scanned with minor color adjustments.

Mr. Anger Rot

This is Mr. Anger Rot.  He is both angry and rotten.  Probably angry because he is rotten.

I'm experimenting with this brown packing board and using its brown color as my mid-tone, pushing it dark with charcoal pencils and gray markers and popping the highlights with white colored or charcoal pencil.

Mammal Thing

Hybrid mammal creature created to ease the end of day wickedness for my wife who had an unfun 9-5.
Two shades of gray prismacolor markers with charcoal white highlights on brown packing board.

Tentacled Drooler

Here be another attempt to create a creature, other dimensional more than likely, in Illustrator. As you can see it's tentacled and drooling, quite probably looking for someone's sanity to gobble up.

The Green Ghost

Playing around with some vector style art I made what initially appears to be a friendlyish ghost but his fingers are red with the blood of the unfortunate making him more of a fiendish green ghost. He is green not with envy but with algae and mold. The Green Ghost has a penchant for little children who are clumsy runners and he can smell the runny noses of slovenly loutish knee-biters.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monster Mash

I decided I'd try my hand at some classic monsters, see what I could do to honor them. So I went with a portrait style illustration of The Wolfman and The Creature. Later in working with Crypticon, the idea came up to do limited edition Jones Sodas with three different images and I combined the two monsters to create a hybrid image, and after doing so wondered why these two creatures have never had a VS. in between them. Perhaps later I'll re-visit that idea. Below are the seperate inked images and then the combined form for the Jones Soda label.

The other two labels were images done by my friend Montine Rummel, a fellow Crypticonite. Her Photography Kung-Fu is excellent and the Zombie Attack image is from a photoshoot she set up and then photoshopped into the cool scene below, then used on posters and a soda label. The Raven on Tombstone image is also a Montine original from some pics she took while on vacation to Vienna. You can see more of her photo's here:

Montine took this shot at Crypticon of one of the Make-up contest finalists having a gnawsome time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sketchy Monsters

Some concept monster sketches I did toward the aim of a collaborative digital render. My friend Wayne Tedder did some digital rendering in Blender of the 3-legged clubber fellow. I'll post them when I get some stills.

Three Legged Big-Mouthed Multi-Eyed Stabby-Head Baby-Handed Creature.

Three-legged Dual-Mouthed Pointy-Headed Clubber Guy

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crypticon VIP T-Shirt 2010

Here is a the sketch, ink and final of the design I did for the Crypticon VIP t-shirts. I had just gotten back from Creations Weekend of Horrors in LA where I'd seen and met actresses Barbara Magnolfi (of Suspiria fame), Geretta Geretta (of L. Bava's Demons) and the maker of nightmare horror Dario Argento, got my picture taken with him and had an original Creepers poster signed by him. Needless to say, Argento's mysterious black gloved giallo played my muse in this design.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mad Mr. Malimbicus

This is an Illustration I did for a poster design for Crypticon 2009, a horror convention held in Seattle, WA some weekend in June. I colored it in Illustrator using Live Paint to become familiar with that particular function. The image was influence by EC Horror comics and the poster reflected the classic EC comic covers, which I totally love.
This is my new art blog, I'll be posting sketches, illustrations, paintings and whatever else plops out of my head.