Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ayahuasca Cthulhu Commission

Ayahuasca Cthulhu commission, acrylic, ink. Nick Gucker ©2016
Ayahuasca Cthulhu commission, acrylic, ink. Nick Gucker ©2016
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nick Gucker x Joshua Boulet Collab at The DRAWNK

Here are a couple of collaborative brush & ink pieces that were done between Joshua Boulet and I at the weekly DRAWNK drink and draw gathering (put together by Casey Weldon) at the Pioneer Square Saloon.  

Dreams In The Witch House — Signum Crucis: Unholy Mutation

Cover art I did for Signum Crucis: Unholy Mutation comic, from the makers of  Dreams in the Witch House musical, A Lovecraftian Rock Opera.

Offical press release:
The team that brought you 2013's "DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera" is back with a vengeance with this pulse-pounding digital release to usher in the 2016 New Year! "Signum Crucis: Unholy Mutation" reinvents 2013's "Signum Crucis", Track 7 from the critically acclaimed Rock Opera, by fusing Heavy Metal All-Stars with iconic Hollywood voices to deliver a brand of epic Radio Theater like you've never heard. Hollywood Horror Icons' TONY TODD (Candyman) & COURTNEY GAINS (Children of the Corn) plus acclaimed Swedish actor STEFAN SAUK and Therion Lead Singer THOMAS VIKSTRÖM lend their voices to a head-banging track that features Heavy Metal Icons' BRUCE KULICK (former KISS), DOUGLAS BLAIR of W.A.S.P., WYZARD of Mother's Finest and MIKKEY DEE, drummer for a band so bad-ass that we're doomed if we even mention their name! Physical version will be available soon as a "Graphic Metal Libretto" + CD Collectors' Edition product. Stay tuned for the Release Date!


Guitar, Synthesizer & Effects: Chris Laney
Lead Guitar: Bruce Kulick
Additional Electric Guitar: Douglas Blair
Bass: Wyzard
Drums: Mikkey Dee
Grand Piano: Jeremy Rubolino

Character dialogue & singing for FRANK ELWOOD: Courtney Gains
Character dialogue & singing for FATHER IWANICKI: Stefan Sauk
Character dialogue & singing for MR. DESROCHERS: Seth Ayott
Character dialogue & singing for JOE MAZUREWICZ: Thomas Vikström
Character dialogue for BROWN JENKIN: Tony Todd
MONK vocals: The Mike Brown Gregorian Choir of Studio City

Stagg Street Studio sessions Engineered by Brian Virtue and Assisted by Josh Franks. Mikkey Dee drums recorded at NRG, North Hollywood, Engineered by Cameron Webb. Hollywood Vocal sessions Engineered by Ethan Carlson and Sean Jones at Studio B. Mixed by Chris Laney at LaneyLand Studio. Mastered by Andrew Alekel. Co-Produced by Stefan Sauk. Produced by Platform.

Signum Crucis: Unholy Mutation
(Branney, Björkman, Dalager, Laney, Leman, Ringman, Östlund)
A new track from -

Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Push/Pull Gallery pieces from the 'DARKWAVE: The Art of Dewey Guyen' show

9x12" Nick Gucker ©2016

 11x17" Nick Gucker ©2013/16

These are the two pieces at Push/Pull Gallery from the 'DARKWAVE: The Art of Dewey Guyen' show last month. The pieces are still available and hanging. These are done with acrylic and ink.
I wanted to show the final pieces to you, my good people!
I'll post the titles later.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Obey the KLAW

I had the pleasure to work with rock warrior Casey Cunningham on developing cover art and booklet illustrations for his band KLAW for release July 2015.
He really liked my Phantasmonaut poster and wanted something in a similar vein. So I suggested the continuing adventures of the said Phantasmonaut as a theme and embarked on working out the space marauder mid-theft of some ancient cosmic relic on a weird dying world where he'd awakened it's god. 
I did an ink illustration and then colored and designed it in Photoshop.

For the interior illustrations Casey wanted to have images represent the acronym of KLAW, which is Knight, Leprechaun, Astronaut and Wizard.
I did my versions of these in black charcoal on toned paper with white highlights. 

Later that year, KLAW was part of Noise for Toys, where all proceeds go to purchasing toys for kids in need for the Christmas holiday season. Casey had the idea of Santa Clause facing off with Krampus for the flyer design. The event was a huge success. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Betsy Threatsy

Betsy Threatsy by Nick Gucker ©2013
Illustration of creepy-ass Betsy Threatsy I did for Jake Stratton, live barker for W.X.P.F.L. aka World Extreme Pencil Fighting League in Seattle, WA. This was supposed to be used for a coloring book of all the characters in the League. Not sure what came of it but realized I'd never posted it. Enjoy.

Punk Freak

Punk Freak by Nick Gucker ©2016
Quick 8x8" ink drawing I did while attending The Drawnk Show at Georgetown Liquor Co. in Georgtown, Seattle, June 11th. I touched it up afterwards with a bit of ink-wash, something I don't do too often.