Monday, May 28, 2018

Crypticon Seattle 2018

Crypticon Seattle 2018 Program cover

Crypticon Seattle 2018 poster design
This years T-shirt, Poster and program cover designs for Crypticon Seattle 2018 is based on the classic Re-Animator cover/poster art since Jeffrey Combs was one of the guests. I wanted to incorporate the Crypticon Creeper, the undead grave-digger mascot I designed for Crypticon in 2009, so I placed his head in the pan in place of Dr. Halsey's.

Crypticon Seattle 2018 t-shirt design

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Onyx Chimera for The Drawnk 12x12 show

Onyx Chimera 12x12" acrylic by Nick Gucker ©2017 

Onyx Chimera acrylic 12x12" piece for The Drawnk 12x12 show Feb 15th 2018 at Monster in Ballard. Part of Ballard Night Out art walk.

Onyx Animals for The Drawnk 8x8 Show

Three pieces I did for The Drawnk Christmas 8x8" show.

Onyx Antilope 8x8" acrylic ©2017 Nick Gucker

Onyx Staraffe 8x8" acrylic ©2017 Nick Gucker

Onyx Parallelogorilla 8x8" acrylic ©2017 Nick Gucker


Modified album cover using acrylics for The Drawnk ON THE RECORD show last June (2017) at KEXP radio station with over 100 artist contributions to the show.

Friday, January 26, 2018

A Figure Most Hideous and Abhorred

"A Figure Most Hideous and Abhorred" 9 x 12" Watercolor ©2017 Nick Gucker
A watercolor piece done for The Frankenstein Project, a publishing group called SuperMonsterCity putting out a nice high-end hardcover reprint of Mary Shelly's classic existential novel with a variety of juried art done for the book.
My piece was inspired by the moment when Victor Frankenstein discovers the body of his dead wife, and an image of his reanimated monster is appears in the window leering at Victor in his torment and sadness.

Android Dreams of Sadness

Android Dreams of Sadness ©2017 Nick Gucker
This 9x12" watercolor and ink piece was done as a one sentence story prompt during BizarroCon 2017 in Troutdale, OR. Done as live art with about a dozen other awesome artists, everyone got a different story prompt and were given about 2 hours to complete. My prompt was "An Android Dreams of Sadness". It's head inspired by those of Easter Island.


OCTOBER BOY ©2017 Nick Gucker

This 9x12 watercolor piece was inspired by Norm Partridges novel Dark Harvest.