Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Compendium of Curious Creeps

I have my first solo art show "A COMPENDIUM OF CURIOUS CREEPS" this Saturday, August 9th from 6-9pm at Spectrum House Salon & Photography in Georgetown, Seattle. Part of the Second Saturday Georgetown Art Attack! Join me!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gut Feeling

"Gut Feeling" 11x17 by Nick Gucker ©2014

New piece of art I did in watercolor and ink for the PAIN group show at Art Not Terminal in downtown Seattle, WA this coming Saturday the 2nd, 2014 (6-9pm).

Come to the show, say hello and check out all the wonderful interpretations of artists personal take on the theme of pain. Aside from the amazing art, there will be performances, music, readings and other surprises in store for the opening.

Some details regarding the show.

Pain is a shared by all humanity, but everyone experiences pain very differently. For some, their daily lives involve the management of chronic pain. For others, their pain is emotional: anxiety, depression, addiction.
Pain is subjective, so we've invited professional artists to create works about the subject of pain, as they've experienced. This will be a very personal and enlightening show, featuring the works of over 30 local and international artists. The public is welcome to attend.
Exhibit runs: July 30 - August 31, 2014
Opening reception: August 2, 6-10pm
South Lake Union reception: August 1, 6-9pm
Belltown Art Walk reception: August 8, 6-9pm

Guest curators: Julie Baroh of Krab Jab Studio, Tracy Cilona of Twilight Gallery, Braden Duncan of the Seattle Arts Coalition, and Aubry Kae Andersen of A/NT Gallery.

Artists (more to be added): Kyle Abernathy, Aubry Kae Andersen, Amber Anderson, Anita Arora, Kree Arvanitas, Luann Baroh, Julie Baroh, Sarah Barrick, Robert Bellm, Nicole Brauch, Brian Britigan, Joseph Brooks, Libby Bulloff & Stephen Robinson, Stasia Burrington, Pierre Carlès, Larry Corbett, Amanda Crowley, Liz Danforth, Divine Mania, Krissy Downing, Braden Duncan, Mary Enslow, Jonathan Fischer , Salyna Gracie, Nick Gucker, Heather Hudson, Yuko Ishii, Lonny Johnson, Larkin, Chris Le Cocq, Matthew Lewis, Vikram Madan, Cecilia Mayr, Aaron Morgan, Socar Myles, Amy Nikitani, Javier S. Ortega, Andrew Parry, Amy Pleasant, Artifact Ripley, Stan Schiff, Jonathan Seright, Rachel Setzer, Zeb Shaffer, Tenaya Sims, Melanie Sinclair, Jason Soles, Sam Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Adam Valmossoi, Anthony Waters, Linda Wilcox

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fatally-Colored Gestures

Fatally-Colored Gestures - art by Nick Gucker ©2014
Commissioned painting I did for Joe Pulver's chapbook available from Dunham's Manor Press, a finger of Dynatox Ministries publishing run by writer of the weird and warped, Jordan Krall.
It's a weird-western type of story,in a dusky forlorn setting with the interactive prose of Pulver setting the scene, putting up the pins and knocking them down.
This was painted with acrylics, thinned out and doing many layered builds to varied effect.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Constellation ~ Scorpio

Scorpio ~ by Nick Gucker ©2014

When taking on the concept of Scorpio for the Constellation exhibit curated by Yvette Endrijautzki, I wanted to convey something more complex in my study than the traditional, straightforward scorpion image.  As I considered the symbol of Scorpio, the ideas of fearlessness, determination and strength were the primary elements impressed upon me.  I wanted to focus on the aspect of strength, so I incorporated the traditional image of the scorpion into that of an old fashioned circus strong man, replacing his arms with those of scorpion tails. It seemed a perfect fit, in a classic strong-man pose.  As Scorpio is a water sign, I wanted to incorporate water elements into the image as well.  I originally intended to have the elephants spraying fountains of water, but once they came into form, the trunk shape lent itself to more scorpion tails; a fun indulgence in studying the creature’s anatomy.  The third eye (the eye of knowledge) on the elephants’ fez is meant to instill a sort of playful mysticism.

This piece of art showed for a month at True Love Gallery in Seattle, WA, and then for another couple months at Fulcrum Gallery in Tacoma, WA.

Impossibility Dissection

"Impossibility Dissection" Nick Gucker ©2014

Impossibility Dissection by Nick Gucker ©2014

Couple of illustrations for a story by Stuart Young for his story "Impossibility Dissection" (edited by T.E. Grau) in issue #12 of Strange Aeons Magazine. It's an excellent story and well worth the read, many parts mixed together in this tale of an entity or god, observing mans place in the universe and what makes him tick, containing philosophy, cosmic horror and a bit of cynical humor.
Kinda wanted to do a crazy Kirby influenced cosmic illustration for the header piece. Though I think it would have been more effective on a larger sized media than 8½ x 11, I think it's still fun and weird.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Preying Mystic

Preying Mystic ~ By Nick Gucker ©2013
I dig this piece I did, during a wee bit of spare time this last fall. Was a random doodle, starting with the head, that took on a life of it's own.
Fine Point Sharpie, Charcoal white highlights on chipboard, 8½ x 11ish.
Might have to do a print run of this dude.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zombie Gigilo

A couple of charcoal illustrations I did to a very sick and barf-inducing rotten little story by S. G. Browne, author of the books "Breathers",  "Fated", "Lucky Bastard", "Big Egos" and "I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus".
These illustrations appeared along his story in issue #7 of Strange Aeons Magazine. The story was previously published in "The Living Dead 2" in 2010.
But before it was ever published, “Zombie Gigolo” debuted at the 2008 World Horror Convention, where it took 3rd Place in the annual Gross Out Contest.
A putrescent hand-clap to you, Mr. Browne!