Saturday, January 17, 2015


A version of H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep for "Dreams In the Witch House" mini-book project by Gwen and Brian of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (PDX Chapter).
In doing research, I came across this image of Nyarlathotep Diabolis Rex, Magister Templi, Church of Satan in Portland. Figuring him to be a swell model for Nyarlathotep, also having had his name changed with said moniker added, thought whom better to base it on, chaos tentacles and all.
This mini-edition book of Dream in the Witch House will soon be released from Arkham Bazaar.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Earthworm Gods T-Shirt

Brian Keene's Earthworm Gods, art by Nick Gucker ©2014
I had the honor of being asked, while having breakfast at BizarroCon 2013, by horror writer Brian Keene and screen printer Sam McCanna to do up a t-shirt design for Keene's novel Earthworm Gods.
I had read the 2006 Leisure paperback, then titled The Conqueror Worms (now available from Deadite Press, the very best in cult horror), when it came out and became an instant fan. Often wanting to read horror outside of the common tropes (vampire, zombie, zombie, etc.) this wormy romp was a welcome change and full of surprises around every corner. So to be asked years later to design something for this book was quite a thrill.

I submitted half a dozen sketch ideas, and three were selected. I ended up going with the armed lone man in the house surrounded by a squirm of worms. I felt it would have a good central focus with a forced perspective and lots of goddamn worms! And rain. Rain is a hugely important element in the book(s), like another character. 

Then I work up a larger final pencil drawing.

Once the drawing is approved then I proceed with inking, which is my favorite part. 


I send the final art to Sam at Skurvy Ink and he gives it the go, posts it to his web shop and starts taking orders. 

For your very own squirmtastic wormpocalyps t-shirt, head on over to and git some! 
If you're interested in more shirts Iv'e designed while at Skurvy Ink, type my name into the search bar and all the designs I've done will list. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Splatterpunk #6

Interior shot of art with the story and my ad! 
I was asked by editor Jack Bantry to contribute to an old school style horror zine called Splatterpunk. I was sent a demented nightmare-logic horrorotica style story by Brendan Vidito called "Fuck Shock".
It's quite short, wicked and cuts to the chase, with some delirious almost dream like prose. The story feels like something that would fit into the film style of David Cronenberg and Ken Russell. 

I did this piece with ink and brush then added a gray background digitally. 

Cover art by Dan Henk
The new issue of SPLATTERPUNK ZINE is out now!
Cover art by Dan Henk.
Designed by Mike Dickinson.
Order Issue #6 of Splatterpunk here:

Monday, January 12, 2015

ORCA ~ Terror Just Beneath The Surface

ORCA, Nick Gucker ©2014

Here's a commission piece I did in the fall of 2014. The fella who'd contacted me wanted to commission a piece similar to the horror posters I'd done (Demons, The Beyond, Blacula, Evil Dead, etc.), this was to be a gift to his wife on her birthday. He could only afford to go black and white.
Having grown up in Alaska, Orca was the Jaws of our generation, riding the coattails of the famed shark film. Sharks like Great Whites were few if ever in the waters of SE AK, but Killer Whales were and still are abundant. This was a memorable movie for me in many ways (leg ripping death scene with Bo Derrik, Fetal Orca, early Charlotte Rampling crush) and was excited to work on this project.
There are no tentacle in the film but the customer wanted them, and I happily obliged. Back in the day of good film posters, there were often elements that never showed up in the films, and this would be no different.

Shocktober Film Fest T-shirt Design

Shocktober Film Fest 2014 © Nick Gucker
Last Octobers t-shirt design for Shocktober Film Fest in Champaign, IL at The ART Theater Co-op.
Since Tobe Hooper's POLTERGEIST was one of the features, we the mascot "Shockty" was to be put in place of the creepy main child actress "Carol Anne".

Shocktober Film Fest 2014 © Nick Gucker
I only had to make one change to the design, which was to make the blocky-square shape into a more organic shape. Which I did using my brush pen. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Skinned Alive by Diabolik!

"All Those Delicate Cuts" screen capture ©2014 Diabolik
 This last spring I was commissioned by visual story teller extraordinaire Phil Mucci of Diabolik, to illustrate the money shot end scene of the tortured main character in the music video "All Those Delicate Cuts" by the band Das Muerte.

Mr. Mucci sent me a couple of stills of the video green screen shoot, and with the use of a light table did a basic sketch of the characters torso and head then, per request, savaged and skinned the victims body. Shredding and peeling back the layers of skin to come up with a visceral image that appears in two shots at the end of the video. One from a distance, when the cops bust into the warehouse to witness the horror and another quick close-up of the the victims gory head.
Once I've submitted the colored image then Phil goes in and adds his own touches to make it blend in with the layered scene he's constructed.

I'm quite proud of what I accomplished with this and it was fun paging through anatomy books to make sure the musculature was correct. Body Worlds, a book released by Gunther Van Hagen was the perfect reference companion for muscles and tissue. A source I go back to often.

Phil is great to work with and loves to push the envelope of visual effects with his indelible eye for gritty, psychedelic, beautiful nightmare imagery within his narratives. Phil has a knack for incredibly realized full-on surreal world building, packed with surprise moments of awe. 

"All Those Delicate Cuts" screen capture ©2014 Diabolik

"All Those Delicate Cuts" screen capture ©2014 Diabolik

"All Those Delicate Cuts" by Nick Gucker ©2014

Check out the video here and for more of the work of Diabolik, go here:

Das Muerte - "All Those Delicate Cuts" from Phil Mucci on Vimeo.

video production credits:
written, directed, edited and animated by Phil Mucci
music written and performed by Das Muerte
cinematography by Phil Mucci and Jeff Speed
produced by Phil Mucci
executive producer Ian Mackay
Starring Brian Rohan as G-Man Jerry Stewart
Ian Mackay as Das Muerte
and introducing Angel Lin as Mei Tsui
with Terry Smith as Busta Capp
James Tavare as Jimmy the Goon
Deangelo Harding as the Rookie
Mat Wright as Officer Downe
costume designer Bory Tan
seamstress Trang Chu
hair and makeup by Christina Guerra
model-maker Chris Speed
"money shot" horror illustration by Nick "the Hat" Gucker
A Diabolik Production

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's The Great Pumpkin!

Teasers for some of my new pieces showing at The Cloud Gallery on Capitol Hill, Seattle, tonight.

Cloud Gallery proudly presens the phantasmical original paintings by Mark Tedin, the whimsical Hell-o-weenish illustrations by Nick Gucker and magickal 3D works and ritualistic items by in house artist DireWolf Omega.

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 9th
5 to 9pm
at CLOUD Gallery
901 E Pike (inside Frame Central)

Tarot readings with Iya Felana
and live music

Cold beverages and finger foods provided!!!
Everyone is welcome...

curated by Yvette Endrijautzki